How We Work

We are often asked how our band of Melon Twits functions. We try our best to be as agile as possible and are continuously trying to improve upon and evolve this. We use our evolved version of Scrum because we feel it allows the team to take responsibility rather than the individual. We use Scrumwise to help us keep track of what’s going on.

Keeping Twits Afloat

The Lemon Twists

Pair Learning

Once a week for a couple of hours Twits pair up and teach each other something from their knowledge domain. For example, an iOS developer may teach a web developer how Core Location can be used. We believe that this helps to transfer knowledge, improve team communication, improve our ability to describe our work in technical detail, develops team relationships, and provides us all with an appreciation of what each other is doing.

Friday Afternoon

On Friday afternoon Twits work on the Friday afternoon project. This is currently Collobus, a question and answer application for use by teams. The Friday afternoon project allows the team a chance to work on something new and lemon twisty at the end of the week, whilst developing new skills.

Engineering Mate

All business staff have a "tech mate" randomly assigned. Bugs, ideas, and feedback, can be reported to an individuals "tech mate". The engineering mate will then go through necessary steps and provide feedback. Tech mates alternate every 6 months.


When we are hiring new Twits two key tenets are thought about and discussed. Firstly the potential Twit must fit in culturally and believe in the philosophies that the team stands by. Secondly the potential Twit must meet the technical standard for the role being applied for. Although the potential Twit must meet the technical standard we are not pedantic about some particulars and are always willing to teach new Twits. Please don’t worry if you don’t fit the job specification precisely.

We understand that having interviews can be extremely stressful and we do our absolute best to make sure that potential Twits are made to feel comfortable and welcome at all times. We always hope that your interaction with us is a great experience.

Potential Twits all go through the process outlined below: